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Always on Time

Plans change and sometimes it can be hard to get your laundry done. Instead of worrying about when you will have enough time, let Magic Basket take care of it. Schedule weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly pickups with text reminders and we will drop it off within 24 hours at your home, work, or place of convenience. Life is hard to plan, but you can plan on Magic Basket to get your laundry done right.

Budget Friendly

With no hidden fees, free pickup and delivery, and upfront pricing we take the guesswork out of doing laundry.


Crayons, mud, lipstick, redwine, pasta sauce, and deodorant stains can all end up on our clothes. Let the professionals at Magic Basket make stains a thing of the past. We pre-treat all stains, check your pockets for pens and tissues, read your care labels, and separate lights from darks — making your experience, the best experience.


Magic Basket Laundry offers a full complement of wash & fold, dry cleaning and commercial laundry services.

Wash & Fold

For all of your everyday laundry needs, Magic Basket has you covered. Done right and done affordable — we will wash, dry, and fold your laundry according to your preferences. Choose weekly or bi-weekly pickups and get your laundry returned in 24 hours, two days, or whenever you need them. We help you do less laundry so you can do more important things.

Dry Cleaning

Perfect for anything you want returned on one of our recyclable hangers. Our technicians understand all those symbols on your favorite shirts label and will clean, press, and return them extraordinarily clean, fresh, and fast.

Commercial Laundry

We provide customized laundry services for business of all sizes, from small independent coffee shops to large hotel chains. Our Sales Team will have a one-on-one consult with you to find out what your needs are — from pickup to delivery. We’ll then create a plan that will work with your schedule and your budget. Email or call (860) 823-1771. Email to get started today.

It's Just This Easy

There’s a laundry-free world a click away.

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You’re just 3 minutes from never doing laundry again.

Choose a Plan

Weekly or By Request – choose the plan that works for you.


Select soaps, washing and drying temps, fabric softeners, dryer sheets, folding preferences and more.


Read a book. Get outside. Play with the kids. Grab a drink with friends. See a movie. We’ll take it from here.

Getting Laundry Done Is Just A Click Away

Click, Tap or Text

Schedule your first pick up for any weekday. Just put your laundry in one of our special bags and place it outside your home or schedule a pick up at your work. Our technicians will wash your clothes (according to your special instructions) and return them in 24 hours, brighter, cleaner, and fresher than ever before. Have more time for family, friends, or movie night, in less than three minutes and a few clicks. Get started now!


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